About Everest Master

Everest Master, Inc. is a massive virtual world for multiple purposes. With the main goal of serving as a platform to bring together students, teachers, and education institutions.  A place of endless possibilities where the user experience, community and education blends together.

Everything started when I was studying online using a learning system called Canvas. I did not have a good experience. After long research, I realized,  I was not alone. As an online student, you have to work with complicated learning systems. There is little to none direct human interaction. Not to mention the feeling of being excluded because of the lack of academic environment. Everest Master is the platform that will solve those problems and more.”

– Alejandro Jimenez, Founder & CEO of Everest Master


Alejandro Jimenez

Founder and CEO

Economics B.A. (2020-2024)
Co-Founded OUwebs (2017)

Nashira Cuba

Founder and COO

Excellent Comunicator
Project management expert
Co-Founded OUwebs (2017)

Art Yabkevich

Technical Manager

Tech nerd, passionate about IT with useful skills in different fields.

Shime Tadic

Unity 3D Developer

Expert game developer
Computer Engineer B.S. (2017-2021)

Goran Graorkovski

3D Artist

Experienced 3D Artist with a demonstrated successful history