Everest Master Annual Statement

    I am delighted to present our 2020 and first Annual Statement, which shows how we have significantly advanced the execution of our strategy. We are proud of the progress we have made taking the first steps to develop a massive virtual world for education and virtual events.  There is a bright future ahead for this company. In a world where new and complex challenges arise unexpectedly, we believe in our important role to seek simple virtual solutions for everyone.

Making Progress in the Virtual Space

    In 2020, we have achieved our short-term goals in less time than expected. Demonstrating that we count on a solid team that can overcome bigger challenges. Everest Master is a company only 5 months old at this time. The founders took the decision to invest in developing the beta version of our platform. We shall receive a return on investment during the year 2021.  By achieving our goal to have over 10,000 users registered in our platform we will generate over $2,000,000 in revenue. During these past months, we have interviewed countless teachers, students and course designers to better validate our assumptions. 

    We believe that establishing strong and direct relationships with the people we support is the best strategy to be adopted by the market. During 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated to the world the value of the solutions our company is developing. A virtual space for engaging learning experiences and extraordinary events, tradeshows and many other use cases. Every time that people in different places need a virtual space for education, business or leisure; Everest Master will be there.

Online Education and Virtual Events

    Everest Master is the first virtual world developed for Higher Education. The company will develop the platform based on the standards and expectations set by universities, teachers and students. We will excel at developing virtual classrooms, learning tools and hands-on experiences that keep students engaged during the semester. By working with cutting-edge technology, creativity, pedagogy; among other things, we expect to take online education to a new level.  Nevertheless, due to the long sale cycles and slow adoption rate, the company has decided to work on a secondary use case which is virtual events. Education is our main market and shall remain that way, but the virtual events will help the company grow as we continue adding value as a solution for online education. 

Final thoughts for the upcoming year

    Everest Master will start growing rapidly after November. The reason for this growth will be the number of partnerships and clients our company will serve.  Constant improvement of our platform will add intrinsic value making it attractive for more users. New challenges await us,  but we will overcome them with resilience and intelligence. Hiring talented employees will be key to solve such challenges. The future of Everest Master involves new technologies and innovation. Besides technology, the most important part is the people. With the help of educators, students and clients our platform will take the shape it needs to be more valuable.

    Finally, I would like to thank Nashira Cuba, our COO; Artsiom Yabkevich, our TM; Goran Graorkovski; our 3D Modeler, and special thanks to Shime Tadic; our talented Unity developer. We appreciate your dedication, skills and contributions to this company. Above all, I would like to thank all the people that indirectly with ideas, advice and observations have contributed to Everest Master. Without your support and feedback the company we have built will not be the same.


Alejandro Jimenez
Founder & CEO
October 14, 2020